T-Rex Tortoise Dust VF (Vegetable Forumla) 1.75oz

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Brand: T-Rex Products


  • T-Rex Tortoise supplement (salad topper), 1.75 oz.
  • Not for human consumption.

Publisher: T-Rex Products

Details: T-Rex Tortoise Dust VF - Vegetable Forumla T-Rex Tortoise Dust VM - Vegetable Maintenance (1.75 oz) is a complete the nutritional value of veggies. No supplementation needed! All human grade health food ingredients. T-Rex Tortoise Dust VM is for Uromastyx and Tortoises. The VF foods are "Dusts" designed to be "shake and bake" mixed with green leafy vegetables. The dust is a whole, complete and balanced food and provides much more nutritional value than the vegetables they are dusted on. The greens basically become the "delivery system". It is designed not to "balance" the greens as the ICB does the cricket, but to be a complete food that could even be used with iceberg to provide complete nutrition to your animal. It allows the keeper to use" whatever greens are in the fridge" and makes it easier for most people to provide balanced nutrition for their reptiles. It can be dusted on greens in liberal amounts. It can also be mixed with water and made into a "dressing" that can be "tossed" into greens as in making a Caesar's Salad.

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